OE = original equipment

What do the OE tyre markings mean?

To show that replacement tyres are engineered to original equipment standards, an OE marking is embossed into the sidewall of a tyre, showing which car manufacturer it has been designed for.

Goodyear is working with over 600 car manufacturers

Star BMW Group

(Star) BMW group

AO Audi

AO Audi (original) 

MO Mercedes

MO Mercedes (Original)

AR Alfa Romeo

AR Alfa Romeo

NO Porsche


Maserati Genuine Tyres

Maserati Genuine Tyres

A chart showing which marks correspond to which manufacturers on this page.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Sidewall marking Explanation
Alfa Romeo AR Alfa Romeo
Aston Martin AM Aston Martin
Audi AO
Audi Original
Audi Original Extended (ROF)
Audi Quattro
Bentley B Bentley
BMW * “Star” marking
BMW & Mercedes * MO(E) "Star" marking & Mercedes Original (Extended)
Ferrari K1, K2, K3 /
Jaguar J Jaguar
Lamborghini L Lamborghini
Land Rover LR Land Rover
Jaguar & Land Rover JLR Jaguar Land Rover
Lotus LS Lotus Exige S
Maserati MGT Maserati Genuine Tires
Maserati & Jaguar MGT J Maserati Genuine Tires & Jaguar
McLaren MC Mclaren
Mercedes MOE
Mercedes Original Extended (ROF)
Mercedes Original
Mercedes Original (for AMG models)
Nissan NR1 Nissan GT-R Nismo
Porsche N0, N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6  
Tesla T0, T1, T2,… Tesla Original
Volvo VOL Volvo