The British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) is the UK’s biggest racing series, pitching manufacturers such as BMW, Honda, Toyota and Vauxhall into one of the most fiercely fought battlegrounds in motorsport. 

With three sprint races a day and reversed grids, the action is frantic and the outcome thrillingly unpredictable. Since 2020, Goodyear has been the sole tyre supplier for the series, providing teams with a versatile range of high-performance compounds.

A thrilling future.

In 2022, BTCC will become the first touring car championship in the world to introduce hybrid power to its cars. This means every driver will be able to access an instant electric power boost for a set time during a race. This promises to introduce an added dimension to race tactics and a thrilling unpredictability to each individual battle.

We can’t wait.





8-9 May 2021


12-13 July 2021

Brands Hatch Indy

26-27 July 2021

Oulton Park

31 July - 1 August 2021


15-15 August 2021


28-29 August 2021


18-19 September 2021

Silverstone National

25-26 September 2021

Donnington Park

9-10 October 2021

Brands Hatch GP

23-24 October 2021

“Goodyear has been an incredibly proactive and engaged partner of the BTCC for so many years and their ongoing commitment will help the championship continue to thrive into the future.”

Alan Gow, British Touring Car Championship Chief Executive

The next generation

of touring cars

BTCC cars are so-called “Next Generation Touring Cars”, also known as NGTC.


Introduced in 2011, these FIA and TOCA specification and classification cars are designed to allow more manufacturers and drivers to race by reducing the cost of a competitive car. 


All the cars share the same turbo, wastegate, intercoolers, ECU (engine control unit), instrumentation and dash, power management system, six-speed sequential gearbox, fuel tanks, differential, subframe, steering, brakes, clutch, wheels, dampers and suspension.


Teams also have the option of running either TOCA’s unbranded NGTC-spec engine or, developing their own powerplant, as long as it is from the same ‘family’ as their chosen model of car. Both options feature a 350+bhp 2-litre turbo-charged engine.


for 2021

Four racing options. One exceptional
standard of performance.


Drivers’ preferred tyre choice. Provides higher grip generating faster lap times. 

Used at Knockhill

Medium Compound

Balanced and good all-round tyre compound.

Used at Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Snetterton, Croft, Oulton Park, Donnington Park

Hard Compound

Provides excellent tyre durability, allowing drivers to stay on track for longer. 

Used at Thruxton

Wet Compound

Grooved tyres that displace water, preventing hydroplaning in wet conditions.

Used at any circuit depending on weather conditions

“This will provide a great opportunity for Goodyear to get close to the hearts of motorsport enthusiasts and the brand is thrilled to be partnered with BTCC”

Ben Crawley, Motorsport Director for Goodyear


In 2020, Goodyear launched a new qualifying award for drivers. The Wingfoot Award rewards drivers based on their position in qualifying races with the driver gaining the highest total number of points across the season winning the Wingfoot Award. In 2021, the awards contest will begin with the first qualifying round on 8th May at Thruxton Circuit. 

Points will apply to the top 15 positions in each qualifying session according to the points structure (see points table below). Drivers will have the opportunity to earn top points in 10 qualifying rounds of 2021 season and move up the Wingfoot Award rankings.