Assurance Duraplus

The Assurance Duraplus is designed with Tredlife Technology and Dupont Kevlar. Dupont Kevlar added protection against road hazards. An additional layer of lightweight material that is used to reinforce / strengthen the tire for enhanced protection and durability. Tredlife Technology provides a longer lasting tread.

  • Improve Tread Wear Performance
  • Maximized road contact
  • Treadlife technology
Summer Assurance Duraplus

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Improve Tread wear performance

Carbon Based tread compound The compound with higher carbon content provides higher resistnace to road wear, thus help improve tread wear performance

Maximized Road contact

Wide Face Cavity The larger tread width design from optimized cavity shape puts more wearable rubber in contact with the road

Treadlife Technology

Rubber Volume Maximized road contact area. Deep tread depth resulting increased wearable rubber volume.

Assurance Duraplus

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