Wrangler AT/SA 5Rib

A 4x4 tyre with the strength to take on all terrain

  • This on/off-road tyre features SilentArmour Technology
  • Developed in partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Excellent, all-round performance

On and off road

Technical features might be available on selected sizes only, use our Tyre Finder to learn more.


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Why choose this tire

Optimum resistance to cuts and punctures Rough terrain? No problem. Goodyear’s SilentArmour Technology boasts reinforced sidewalls, giving you the ultimate resistance.

Control on wet roads The extra biting edges on the tyre’s high blade density tread will give you a strong, safe grip on wet roads. This makes it perfect for off-road performance, too.

Smooth, quiet journeys The optimised block sequence and shifting means low noise and comfortable driving.

Off-road ready The tread of this tyre means mud doesn’t stay around for long, resulting in superb traction. The polymer blend of the tyre further boosts off-road performance.

Goodyear works with top manufacturers

Our tires can be mounted on the majority of models from top car manufacturers - in some cases you'll find them originally fitted.