Wrangler MT/R

The Wrangler MT/R is the 4x4 tire for extreme off-road performance.

  • Aggressive traction on wet or snowy terrain
  • Hard-working grip even in deep mud
  • Reduced risk of puncture

Off road

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Why choose this tire

Aggressive traction on wet or snowy terrain

Enjoy off-road driving in extreme weather. The Wrangler MT/R uses gripping edges and an advanced silica compound to maintain traction on wet and snow-covered ground.

Reduced risk of puncture

Don’t let puncture worries keep you from the excitement of new terrain. Dura-wall Technology adds extra reinforcement to the tire sidewalls, helping to prevent punctures.

Hard-working grip even in deep mud

Tackle tough terrain with a tread designed to shed mud and grip solid ground. The tread pattern ensures deep and consistent surface traction.

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