When its inaugural season gets underway this year, PURE ETCR will rewrite the rulebook for racing. Using 100% electric power, PURE ETCR brings together the wheel-to-wheel action for which touring car racing has gained a global following, breath-taking acceleration and some of the world’s best drivers.


Electric-TCR (or Pure ETCR) is the world’s first all-electric multi-brand touring car championship, organised by the same people as WTCR - FIA World Touring Car Cup, the world’s foremost petrol-powered touring car competition. 


And Goodyear will be the sole tyre supplier for the series, providing a bespoke version of Eagle F1 SuperSport designed specifically for electric performance vehicles. 




Autodromo Vallelunga Piero Taruffi, Italy

18/20 June 2021

Motorland Aragón, Spain

9/11 July 2021

Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, Denmark*

6/8 August 2021

Hungaroring, Hungary

21/22 August 2021

Inje Speedium, South Korea

15/17 October 2021


Each PURE ETCR car produces 500 kW (680 bhp) of power through a rear-wheel drive powertrain, making them not only the most powerful touring cars ever made, but also the fastest-accelerating. These highly modified and electrified versions of five-door hatchbacks and four-door saloons from CUPRA, Hyundai and Alfa Romeo are 100% electric


PURE ETCR also includes a number of other innovative features which make it one of the greenest motorsport series around. Its sea freight-only strategy is 100 times less harmful to the environment than air travel, and during race weekends all cars will be charged using decarbonised electricity.


In fact, cars will charge together in the centre of the PURE ETCR paddock and in full view of race fans. Fast-charging, environmentally-friendly hydrogen generators will take each race car from 10 to 90 per cent battery power in under an hour.

Pure performance.

Ultimate grip and traction.

Goodyear’s approach to designing a tyre for PURE ETCR is just as innovative as the series itself. Unlike traditional racing, a single treaded tyre will be used in every session, regardless of the weather or track conditions. 

A single treaded design for all

This single treaded design is the result of intense development work to produce a product that not only performs in any conditions, but also allows teams and drivers to continue pushing their cars to the limit. This is in stark contrast to other championships, where teams might have a range of slick compounds for different surfaces and conditions, plus specific tyres for use in the rain. Here, one tyre suits every situation. It should make for some spectacular racing!


Another crucial consideration in the development of Goodyear’s PURE ETCR tyre was the torque and power produced by these cars. As the world’s most powerful and fastest accelerating touring cars, producing almost twice as much power as their petrol equivalents, these rear-wheel-drive machines put an immense amount of stress on their tyres.


For this reason, Goodyear’s PURE ETCR tyre has been developed to deliver ultimate grip and traction in changing and demanding conditions. The single tyre strategy also works alongside PURE ETCR’s environmentally-friendly philosophy by reducing the amount of freight needed to transport to races.

All-electric battles.
A ground-breaking format

Unlike traditional touring car racing, the weekend format features a series of epic electric Battles, for which drivers are split into groups. Cars start side-by-side and go through several stages of heats to reach a round of finals. The winner of the top final is then crowned King or Queen of the Weekend. 


Pure ETCR Races are currently scheduled at Vallelunga, Italy; Zolder, Belgium; Aragón, Spain; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Inje, South Korea.