Rotating your tires

Rotating your tires

Why rotate tires?

The tires at the front of your vehicle often wear out faster than the ones at the back. By changing them frequently it helps them wear more evenly and lets you get the most out of their tread life.

Note: rotating your tires won’t correct wear problems caused by incorrect inflation pressures.

How often do I need to rotate?

It’s a good idea to rotate your tires roughly every 10,000km / 6,000 miles. There are other factors that may mean you need to rotate your tires more frequently:

  • High speeds, heavy loads, long distances: if you regularly drive at high speed and long distances, or carry heavy loads, then extra strain might mean slightly more frequent rotations.
  • Uneven wear: you should rotate them as soon as possible if you notice uneven wear.
  • Humming sound: if they emit a humming sound when you’re driving on a smooth road, it might be time to look into rotation.

Can I do a tire rotation myself?

We recommend that you go to your dealer or a garage to have a professional do it.

But you can do it yourself, and it’s easy enough to do.  You don’t need any specialist tools – just some space and a few hours. 

Always check your vehicle owner’s manual for any recommendations by your vehicle manufacturer.

Things to consider if rotating yourself

  • Rotating front to back: you should only rotate tires front-to-back if the tires are all the same size.
  • Different sized tires: some vehicles come with different sized tires on the front and rear axles.
  • Directional tread patterns: when rotating tires that have a directional tread pattern, make sure you follow the arrows on the tire’s sidewall.
  • Dismount, mount and rebalance: you’ll need to do this if your vehicle uses different-sized directional tires, or wheels with different front and rear offsets.

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