Duramax G2

Long-lasting tire designed to bear heady loads on all road conditions.

  • Exceptional Traction
  • All-Terrain Capability
  • Long-lasting Durability
Summer Duramax G2

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EU Performance ratings

Duramax G2
C-D Fuel efficiency
Fuel efficiency is a measure of the tire's rolling resistance. A tire with low rolling resistance is more fuel efficient since it requires less energy to roll.
B-C Wet grip
Wet grip is a measure of tire's braking ability on wet roads.
B External noise
The external noise generated by the tyre, measured in decibels.
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Why choose this tire

Exceptional Traction

Goodyear Duramax G2 tires offer outstanding traction on various road surfaces, ensuring reliable grip and stability for your vehicle, especially in wet and dry conditions.

All-Terrain Capability

Designed to handle diverse terrains, these tires provide the confidence to tackle off-road adventures while maintaining excellent on-road performance.

Long-lasting Durability

Goodyear Duramax G2 tires are engineered with rugged materials and robust construction, delivering extended tread life and enduring performance, making them a cost-effective choice.

Duramax G2

Goodyear works with top manufacturers

Our tires can be mounted on the majority of models from top car manufacturers - in some cases you'll find them originally fitted.